October 02, 2012


LiturgicsOne of the textbooks we use in liturgics class at seminary is Archbishop Averky's "Liturgics". Archbishop Averky of Blessed Memory taught Litugics at Holy Trinity Seminary. His lecture notes are some of great value to those who would like to know more about the Typicon and or serve according to the Russian Ustav.

+Metropolitan Laurus had this to say about the notes that were compiled.  "We hope, above all, that the publication of this liturgics textbook will be a useful aid for students of the seminary, and likewise for all who study or are interested in our divine services. These lectures present a systematic presentation of material on the subject of liturgics, in which a short historical description of the origins of worship is given, the symbolic meaning of several aspects of the services is discussed, and other necessary explanations and instructions involving the order of the divine services are likewise given. In addition to this, owing to its typographic publication, this academic textbook will now be available to a wider range of readers and lovers of ecclesiastical-liturgical literature."

This book is available on line in several locations. A print copy can be ordered through Lulu Publishing below:

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