July 28, 2010

Indifference to God

"Deep faith in God and love for your brother are inseparable, and if a man does good deeds, loves people, perhaps even gives his life for others but does not love God, does not believe in God, then, in spite of his goodness he is spiritually dead because he does not want to know God. I happen to have met such people. They may be good, warm-hearted, ready to give away their last piece of bread, but they are indifferent to God, not accepting of Him - they may even be God's enemies. And, you know, in spite of all their 'goodness' I could see something missing in their behavior, their character, their outlook on life: they had made a religion out of their own goodness, and for them that had replaced God."

Fr. Arseny (Andreyevitch) -
Father Arseny: A Cloud of Witnesses - Pg.15

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