July 22, 2009

Hospital for Sinners!

I am a firm believer in not going to medical doctors unless absolutely necessary. This include therapists! I also believe that Orthodox Church is the best medicine for our illnesses. I have personally seen too many people taking multiple prescription drugs in order to treat symptoms of various physical and mental issues they are dealing with. Often people are taking multiple prescriptions for allergies, pain, depression, cholesterol, etc.. It's a wonder they function at all. I wonder if these people have a prayer life or any interaction with the Church. My guess is no. In non-emergency medical situations let us start with humility, by going to confession, participating communion, and receiving unction then go look for a doctor or therapist. I think that Patriarch Kirill's comments below are right on the money!

Patriarch Kirill recommends to get rid of stress in church rather than at psychotherapist

Moscow, July 21, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia believes gentleness and humility are the best medicine from stresses and diseases.

"What are most widely spread illnesses? Stresses, nerve strains. If we look at reasons of these stresses, there will be no need to go to psychotherapist. The radix of it is in human sin as there would be no illness without sin," the Patriarch said in his sermon after the Divine Liturgy in the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Laura on St. Sergius Day.

According to him, the world today clearly shows "the connection between illness, troubles and sin." Patriarch Kirill urged to remember that the Church is a community that "heals people" and saints gives the model of such "recovery that each time depends on human victory over his own restless spirit."

"Gentleness and humility is the greatest power that not only helps manage the world according to God's law, but helps a person find peace and health," the Moscow Patriarchate official website has quoted the Russian Church Primate as saying.

He cited as an example the situation of an ordinary conflict between people. According to the Patriarch, in most cases people answer the opponent's attack and "start speculating, losing peace, trying to look for allies, usually publicly, and today even voice their position through mass media and thus get involved in the argument."

"We shouldn't do it, if we want to be happy. If we want to find peace, we should learn to leave our opponents and enemies to God's judgment. If we feel that we are right, then the first thing to do in a dangerous life situation is to stick to the conviction that only God is a true judge," the Patriarch Kirill stressed.

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