June 25, 2009


If you are ever asked by an Evangelical Protestant "Are you saved?" Let them know I am working on it. The Orthodox concept of salvation is that of "Theosis," in which we as individuals grow in holiness becoming closer to God's likeness. This is a life long process that often goes beyond the grave. Evangelical teaching will have you believe that you are saved through a single profession to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and then you a are good to go. This is a false understanding of Christ's Grace and Mercy. While God can save whomever he chooses, we are not guaranteed salvation by a profession of faith. We need to continue to struggle in our faith daily so that by the grace of God we will be saved on the day of judgment. Christ came into this world to show us how to live a Godly life and then died on the cross in order to open the gates of Hades, insuring all of us the opportunity for salvation. However, we must act! We must actively live out our faith! For God can do all things accept one, make us pick up our cross and love Him. That is our choice through free will.

"God became man that we might become God." - St. Athanasius

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