September 21, 2008

True Man & True God - the dichotomy of Christ

He was born
-but He had been begotten.
He was born of a woman
-but he kept her a Virgin.
He was wrapped in swaddling clothes,
-but He took off the swathing bands of the grave by His rising again.
He was laid in a manger
-but He was glorified by Angels, and proclaimed by a star, and worshipped by the Magi.
He had no form nor beauty in the eyes of his people
-but to David He is fairer than the children of men.
And on the Mountain He was bright as the lightning,
-and became more luminous than the sun, initiating us into the mystery of the future.
He was baptized as Man
-but He remitted sins as God.
He was tempted as Man,
-but He conquered as God
He hungered
-but He fed thousands.
He thirsted
-but He cried, If any man thirst, let him come unto Me and drink.
He was wearied,
-but He is the peace of all that are sorrowful and heavy laden.
He prays,
-but He hears prayer.
He weeps,
-but He causes tears to cease.
He asks where Lazarus was laid,
-for He was Man;
And He raises Lazarus,
-for He was God.
As a sheep He is led to the slaughter,
-but He is the Shepherd of Israel, and now of the whole world also.
He is bruised and wounded,
-but He heals every disease and every infirmity.
He is lifted up and nailed to the Tree,
-but by the Tree of Life He restores us
He lays down His life,
-but He has power to take it again.
He dies,
-but He gives life and by His death destroys death.

---St. Gregory Nazianzen (Oration 29)---

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